Beyond Speech needs to collect information about you/your child for the primary purpose of providing a quality service to you. In order to thoroughly assess, diagnose and provide therapy, we need to collect some personal information from you. 

This information will also be used for: 

a. The administrative purpose of running the practice;
b. Billing either directly or through an insurer or compensation agency;
c. Use within the practice if passing your case to another speech pathologist within the practice for your ongoing management;
d. Disclosure of information to your doctors, other health professionals or to teachers to facilitate communication and best possible care for you; &
e. In the case of insurance or compensation claim it may be necessary to disclose and/or collect information that affects your return to work. 

Beyond Speech has a Privacy Policy that is available on our website ( and upon request. This policy provides guidelines on the collection, use, disclosure and security of your information. To ensure the process of quality treatment provision, information about your assessment results and progress may be given to relevant other service providers, who are involved in your management. These may include your doctor, teachers, specialists, insurers, solicitors, employers or others, but only where it is considered to be of benefit to your progress.

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